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The reconstructed complex of buildings in the centre of Kaunas, which is 2500 sq. m in area, is owned by KIKA INVEST LT, JSC.


  • Property lease, management and administration
  • Investments into property development projects


  • Historic building of cultural heritage in the heart of the city
  • Private and cosy closed inner court
  • Parking space for every lessee
  • Special emphasis on lessees' needs
  • There are most important municipal and state institutions, banks and cultural institutions   located in close proximity to the Business Centre.


The building, located at the address Maironio str. 11, is one of the oldest buildings of Kaunas New Town. It was built in 1860 and belonged to the noblewoman B. Bartoševičienė.
In 1903 the building passed into the ownership of the general A. Paškevičius who leased the house to the Citizens’ Club – the only cultural public place in Kaunas (“Blagorodnoje sobranije”) till the Kaunas Theatre was found. The governor of Kaunas managed this Club and its members were high officials. In 1882 the building was registered as the Kaunas Citizens‘ Club. Its lithography was even printed among the most distinguished buildings of Kaunas.The former tsar's Citizens' Club was called by the mayor J. Vileišis the Club of “the privileged”.
In 1907 the Actual State Councillor A. Paškevičius and the attoney of Kaunas Nobility Assembly V.P. Šipilinas visited the Notary Officer of Kaunas where a purchase and sale contract was concluded on the basis of which the property was transferred for 23 000 roubles.
During the First World War the Military Club was established in the building.


  • Maironio str. 11, Kaunas
  • +370 700 55005
  • Maironio g. 11, 44298 Kaunas, Lietuva
  • Company code 300108819
  • VAT code LT100001655014
  • Bank AB SEB bankas
  • IBAN LT787044060008225167

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